Resolution Overload

2006 New Year's Resolutions

Guinness Girl's Top 22 New Year's Resolutions - 2006 (in no particular order)

1. Be nice to myself (and others).

2. Lose enough weight so that I can fit into the cute J.Crew jeans I bought two Christmases ago (and other things...but those jeans will be my measure). However much that is.

3. Write thank-you notes in a timely manner. Actually mail said thank-you notes.

4. Unpack all remaining boxes, take all unwanted items to the Salvation Army, organize home and keep home organized, and convince Wilman to do the same.

5. Stop living like such a slob. Recognize it is worth it to either clean up after self or hire someone to do so FOR me, so that I will no longer be embarrassed to invite people over.

6. Eat fewer french fries. And snack less.

7. Apply for and go on the Amazing Race 10.

8. Remember birthdays. REALLY. Call all friends on their birthdays.

9. Get back in some semblance of shape, so that I can - at the very least - run one full mile without feeling like I am a dying asthmatic. (No, I don't have asthma. I just feel like I am when I exercise).

10. Stop chewing on pens. It's gross. Remind self that I don't want to gross everyone around me out with my disgusting habits.

11. Resume keeping my book inventory list.

12. Join - and participate in - a Stitch-n-Bitch group.

13. Similarly, learn to knit something knew. Branch out from scarves, kerchiefs, baby blankets, and coozies.

14. Open a savings account, and add at least a little from each paycheck.

15. Find a way to lure Wilman into therapy.

16. Purchase my very own Mini-Cooper.

17. Update wardrobe - stop wearing the same frumpy outfits repeatedly.

18. Bring at least one lunch from home every week (aka Stop spending so much money on lunches during the work-week).

19. Look stunning in my wedding dress.

20. Make some sort of progress on resolving my career crisis.

21. Start trying to write SOMETHING. ANYTHING. And no, this blog doesn't count.

22. Quit singlehandedly drinking entire bottles of wine in one sitting. Especially when I'm the only one in the house drinking at all. Or, at least do this less often than I currently do.